A Reminder Why EDC Brings You Back Every Year

This year, Insomniac is celebrating its 5 year anniversary of EDC Las Vegas. After making the move to Nevada in 2011, hundreds of thousands of festivalgoers have ventured out to the entertainment capital of the world to attend one of the world’s largest electronic music festivals. Each year, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas grows in size and notoriety.

Here’s why being at EDC in Las Vegas is the best idea ever.

8 new, one-of-a-kind stage designs

EDC Las Vegas Stage
Image: electricdaisycarnival.com

Each year they get bigger, brighter, and better. EDC’s main stage “kineticFIELD” is the largest scenic stage in North America – converging all of earth’s elements into one unified spectacle. The multi-genre spread ensures that there is a stage/sound for every festival attendee.

EDC – Even better with SkyDeck

Especially the Marquee Skydeck.

It’s 3 days, sun down to sun up, of live music.

The world-class lineup featuring 200+ of dance music’s top artists.


The loving community/culture of festivalgoers.

Las Vegas EDC
Image: electricdaisycarnival.com

EDC has become famous for the immense outpour of love, friendship, and community of its festivalgoers. The culture built around the music of the festival are unmatched.

Because the non-stop Las Vegas “EDC Week” club events.

TAO Beach EDC Week Party as if the speedway festivities weren’t enough, the event calendar is jam packed with world-renowned performers. You won’t want to miss what’s happening at TAO Beach and TAO Nightclub.

The full-sized amusement park rides at EDC.

EDC Las Vegas Ferris Wheel
Image: electricdaisycarnival.com

Channel your inner child and take your EDC experience to new heights. There’s no better feeling than watching the sunrise from the top of a giant Ferris wheel while your favorite artist is commanding the stage.

The culture that is the biggest interactive art installations to date.

EDC Las vegas Art
Image: electricdaisycarnival.com

Music is one part of the experience. Each year, the EDC team recruits artists to present creations that act as the bridge between nature and technology. Fire-breathing metal creatures, 3-D wooden superstructures, glow-in-the-dark environments, and LED-infused flora and fauna are scattered throughout the grounds that are impossible to miss.

The all night long party

It’s not very often that you get to watch the sunrise while being surrounded with people you love, having the time of your life. This is the perfect way to end your night.. or start your day depending on how you want to look at it.

Because, it’s EDC. In Las Vegas

EDC is one of the most renowned festivals the world over. And Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. And they combine once a year. Why would you ever miss that? Long story, short, don’t miss EDC week in Las Vegas. Check out our lineup of parties and performers happening at TAO Nightclub and TAO Beach. See you there.