The Snoopadelic Cabaret At TAO

Just as TAO Nightclub is synonymous with Vegas nightlife, Snoop Dogg is synonymous with hip hop. When we came together to merge these two titans of their industries over a year ago to launch The Snoopadelic Cabaret we knew we had something special. What transpired was a perfect bridge between the creative artist and the creative outlet. Using the vision from Snoop to create a Vegas residency that could encapsulate the love of The Cotton Club flapper era, with the music of modern day hip hop and soul, TAO was the obvious choice. There are many reasons that TAO has been around for 10 years in a sea of fierce nightclub and restaurant competition, but one of the most important is its consistency. TAO is always a good time – and that’s what The Snoopadelic Cabaret is about.

From the moment you enter the party you will see flapper dancers, trumpet players, exotic pinup models, tap dancers, and even a burlesque performance in a giant martini glass. These elements all come together to form the base of the experience which is then combined with the electric presence of our Host DJ Snoopadelic, AKA Snoop Dogg. The musical styling of DJ Snoopadelic is simply put – the best party music you will ever dance to. Snoopadelic glides through decades of the best party music just as smooth as the flappers dancing on stage glide between dance moves.

We launched the second year of The Snoopadelic Cabaret on March 28th, with a sold out capacity crowd and it was clear Snoopadelic had been missed. As Snoop took the decks the whole crowd roared and confetti filled the air. Our next date will be Saturday May 2nd, during what is sure to be one of the biggest fight weekends in Sin City history. We expect this to be one of our wildest cabarets of the year – won’t you join us?