Fuel the FOMO: What You Need to Share on Social Media This Memorial Day Weekend

If you’re heading to Las Vegas for Memorial Day and the best party of the year, you probably
already know you’re in for the time of your life. But if your friends aren’t coming, it’s time to let
them know what they’re missing so they don’t make the same mistake next year. Here are
just a few of the pictures you need to be flooding your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with.

The airport selfie

Get a selfie in before boarding. While your friends are at home watching reruns, you’re steps away from Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas.

The Vegas landing

You’re here and they’re not. Why not add a little extra FOMO?

The tagging-friends-who-didn’t-come shot

Don’t think of it as showing off. Think of it as motivation for your friends to get to Vegas next

The limo shot

If you splurged on a limo to get you around Vegas for the weekend, it’s almost unfair to not
let everyone know about it.

The obligatory pictures of every meal

You will eat like royalty in Las Vegas, especially at TAO. Your duty is to rub it in.

And drinks


The Vibe Dining Experience

Nowhere else in the world will you dine among two-story-tall sculptures of deities set on koi
ponds after being greeted by models splashing in bathtubs and covered in flower petals. It’s
your job to show off that you’re at TAO Restaurant.

The mirror selfie

That outfit is that damn good, and far be it from you to not show it off to your friends at home.

The “I just met this person!” shot

This one works perfectly for those that just got out of awful relationships. It also works well
for pretty much anyone you want to make jealous.

The “whole club going crazy” shot

Whether it’s the night or day club, try to get a shot of the action. It’s just fuel for the fire.

The “I met Brody Jenner and you didn’t” shot

The caliber of talent that TAO attracts is amazing. If you get to meet, say, Brody Jenner,
there’s not a chance you’ll miss the opportunity for a picture with him.

The Sign picture

An epic shot of you in front of the Las Vegas sign ties the whole weekend together.

Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year.
It’s your right to be here for the fun, the pool parties, the food, the nightclubs and the
entertainment. Don’t miss out on one second, and get your tickets for the hottest shows and
parties this Memorial Day Weekend happening at TAO Nightclub and TAO Beach.