How Vibe-Dining at TAO Restaurant Will Change the Way You Eat

Las Vegas is interesting. On one end of the spectrum, you have those that believe Sin City is a place of over-indulgence, debauchery and decadence. Then there are those that see Las Vegas as an oasis of retreat, a destination for the overworked in need of relaxation and a haven for wish-come-true believers… These two schools of thinking are both right. And that sentiment could not be truer than within the walls of TAO restaurant experiencing what we call, Vibe Dining.


Vibe Dining: World-class food & drink and superior service combined with remarkable music and the true essence of the Las Vegas scene. It’s the best of a Las Vegas experience all in one place.

TAO paved the way for what has taken Las Vegas, and other cities across the world by storm. Recently, in Lucky Peach, Executive Chef, Ralph Scamardella said of TAO’s vibe dining, “More and more places are opening with a theme and a vibe. People want an experience when they go out. They’re looking for an escape. Going to a restaurant can be like a mini vacation, and other restaurants are catching on.”


While more and more restaurants in Las Vegas have transitioned from the quiet, white-gloved service and glasses tinkling ambiance to more experiential offerings, TAO truly knows what vibe dining means.


Where else will models greet you when you enter, splashing in bathtubs and covered in flower petals?

Where else will you dine among two-story-tall sculptures of deities set on koi ponds?
Where else will you be treated to lighting and massive speakers hanging from the wall playing the best music to be heard today?

Where else will you get the all-in-one Las Vegas experience from the girls to the music, and the food to the lights all from the comfort of your own table?
Nowhere but TAO.

(image: vegasmagazine.com)

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