#10 From the #TAOVault: Jay Z Hangar Tour – 11/18/2006

4000 miles, 26 hours, 7 cities and one nightclub.

For the release of Jay-Z’s “Kingdom Come” album, he pulled off one hell of a promotional campaign. TAO was privileged to be the last stop on Jay’s seven-city, one-day stretch.

Arriving in Vegas shortly before 3:00am and stepping on stage at TAO just before 3:30am, Jay-Z’s Hangar Tour closing set at TAO was one of those experiences you will never forget, that is if you were lucky enough to get inside.

As boxing icon, Michael Buffer announced Jay, the sea of people waiting in anticipation exploded and the room electrified instantly. Jay hit the stage and laid down hit after hit and kept the crowd pumped. As it approached 4:00am, the crowd knew they were witnessing something special. No one cared how late it got, and no one was trying to get the perfect Instagram shot (as this was 2006). The crown was there to witness greatness, and TAO was privileged to be a part of it.

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