#5 from the #TAOVault: Erick Morillo – Memorial Day Weekend 2006

The landscape of Las Vegas Nightlife was a much different place in 2006. Not only were there a lot less venues, the music options were limited. At that time EDM had not made its way into the mainstream of Vegas club culture and pop radio yet. We didn’t see EDM DJ’s on billboards and hotels back then.

Erick Morillo, a longtime friend of the TAO Family was brought in to try something new. On Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend 2006 Morillo headlined TAO, and what happened was something that is still talked about to this day as a game changer. Morillo took to the decks at almost 1am and played to 8am. EDM DJ’s, other club owners and the electronic worlds’ elite all took part and joined in on the fun. With the sun streaming through TAO’s windows in the club the vibe wasn’t stopping. It was special, it was unique, it was a risk that paid off. Morillo soon started playing every Memorial DaySunday and Labor Day Sunday for the next few years.

Morillo’s energy and vibe was unmatched and it resonated with all of us who were there, and those of us who can’t remember.